Code Enforcement

What Is City Code?

The City Code is a compilation of ordinances that establish policy, rules, and regulations for the City. An ordinance requires a majority vote of the City Council for approval. This edition of the City Code was adopted by the City Council in June of 2021 and is periodically updated as ordinances are adopted.

What is Code Enforcement? 

Code Enforcement is a division of the Community Development Department.  It is the goal of the Code Enforcement Division to maintain and improve the quality of life through education and communication within residential, commercial and industrial areas of our City.

Our Code Enforcement Officer works both in the field and in the office.  In the field they respond to complaints, conduct on site inspections, determine when a violation of the City's Municipal Code exists and work with property owners to achieve voluntary compliance.  In the office, our Officer researches the municipal code; as well as zoning, environmental, building and land use regulations to determine compliance.  Our Officer responds to all questions and concerns, and protects the privacy rights of complainants and violators within the limits of the law.

To accomplish Code Enforcement's goal, the City has adopted the standards set forth in the Unified Development Code and has been diligently working on new City Ordinances.  As we partner with residents, property owners and businesses within our City; we are looking to increase public awareness of our City’s Ordinances and Municipal Codes and to seek voluntary compliance when violations are identified.  In situations where violations continue unabated, a fair and unbiased compliance process that includes fines, civil and criminal prosecution to bring blighted areas into compliance exists.

Complaints that are not handled by Code Enforcement are listed below:

  • Bee Hives or Bee Infestations on Public Property (Public Works Department)
  • Criminal Activity (Police Department)
  • Drug Related Activities (Police Department)
  • After Hours Noise Complaints, Fireworks (Police Department)
  • Street Lights (Public Works Department)
  • Graffiti in Public Areas (Public Works Department)
  • Homeless Encampments and Activities (Police Department)
  • Home Owners Association (HOA) CC&R’s (Handled by Local HOA)
  • Location of Property Lines (Civil Dispute)
  • Tree roots causing damage to private property fence or structure (Civil Dispute)

View the Unified Development Code here