Safe Exchange Zone

The Early Police Department is now offering a location for online exchanges and child custody arrangements.

The "Exchange Zone" spaces are well lit and under 24 hour surveillance, giving residents and commuters a safe place to purchase or exchange property from sites such as Craigslist, Facebook and other on-line sales.  In addition to online purchases, we also invite blended families to utilize the Exchange Zone for child custody arrangements.

Safety Tips if You are Unable to Use an Exchange Zone

Here are a few safety tips if you are unable to use the "Exchange Zone"
  • Use a well lit, public parking lot with video surveillance
  • Bring a friend or family member with you
  • Let others know where you are meeting and what time
  • Avoid meeting at your home
  • Avoid nighttime transactions

Exchange Zone Locations in Early

Police Department-City Hall front parking lot
960 Early Blvd.
Early, TX 76802

We also welcome the public to use the inside lobby during normal business hours to request a check of serial and/or VIN numbers to ascertain if the item(s) are stolen.

Exchange Zone