Vendor Permits

Itinerant Merchants and Vendors


The goal of the City in the compliance of this code is to ensure that the health, safety and welfare of the community is not being compromised. The City of Early is committed to the safety of it's citizens and conduct background checks on all applicants who apply for vendor permits.

Registration shall include the following information:

  • Applicant’s full legal name
  • Date of Birth
  • ID Number and State of Issuance
  • Eye Color, Sex, Height
  • Phone Number and Physical Address
  • Disclosure of Criminal History, Dates, and Dispositions
  • Name and Address of primary business office
  • State Sales Tax Certificate (if applicable)
  • Description of vehicle
  • Description of merchandise being sold

If you have any question as to the validity of salesman at your door, do not answer the door and call the police department at 325-646-5322 to verify an issuance of a permit.

If you wish to print out an application for an itinerant or vendor permit please click the link below.  This application must be returned to the Early Police Department along with a $50.00 Permit Fee.

Itinerant Merchant and Vendor Permit