1. Petco Tagline 800px

    PetCo is Coming To Early

    The City of Early continues to see growth as yet another business prepares for construction at the corner of CC Woodson and Early Blvd at the lot beside Taco Casa. The new business that has been announced is PetCo, a health and wellness company for pets. Read on...
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  1. Smart City Expo 2022 Flyer

    Smart City Expo 2022

    The City of Early has the belief as an organization that we should not just be a great city, but we should also be a “Smart City”. It’s not all about technology, it’s about thinking smart too. Read on...
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  1. IMG_9671

    HTeaO Announced as New Business in Early

    A groundbreaking ceremony was held in Early for the announcement of HTeaO as its new business. Read on...
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  1. IMG_9798

    Up In Smoke BBQ Opening 2-26-22

    A new barbecue place in Early is opening on Saturday February 26th and Junior Urias is excited to share his passion for BBQ with people near and far. Read on...
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